Rod Kulbach

Baja Dreaming: Stories from Another Time

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About Rod Kulbach

Much of Rod's life has been about boats: building, sailing, and designing. He holds a 50 ton masters ticket and has been a sailing instructor for 15 years.

Rod started writing travel pieces, short stories, and poetry in 1970; some of his work has been published by SAIL and CRUISING WORLD.


Reading it, ("Night Wind") you brought anxiety to life, brought back memories, made cruising an intimate experience, and painted the sky across my mind. Thanks for writing that.

Janice Rott, long distance sailor, flautist, programmer.
Oriental, North Carolina

...Baja Dreaming...moves along very quickly, and the stories are dense and succinct.

George Braziller, Publisher
New York, New York.

...I just re-read them all and enjoyed them even more on the second reading, especially "Another View."

Mary Shroyer, of Marina de La Paz,
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

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